sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

I cannot say

Everyday when I wake up
I don't miss you as much.
And sometimes I even think
you were not really the one
and one day I will forget you.

Well, that
I cannot say.

that I don't love,
that I believe it's just a phase,
that life will surprise me,

well, that
I cannot say.

There is one thing tough
that I can say
that love was not enough
for love was not enough

What happens then
when love is not
what feeds us?

It'd be unfair of me
to say you were not ready
and maybe that day will come.

So, that
I cannot say.

That maybe you will change someday,
that your time will soon be,
that we just have to wait,

well, that
should I really say?

Then comes the answer...

And that
I cannot say.

sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011


So today you are 21.
And the days keep on going by.
21 and you think it might as well
just be another day gone by.

It is not so for me.
For days are all I have.
Days to wait and see
what 21 means to me.

And I keep thinking
one day you might change
because if I changed
we'd still not be.

So today you are 21.
Not just another day
because today is the day
I am still not free.

sábado, 1 de janeiro de 2011

I think some more time

I think some more time.
Maybe a few months, a year or two.
I hope time will be enough,
for hope was sadly not.

I think a love, perhaps two.
A new attempt, and a little heart wound.
And then the pain will dissolve
the only pain that I cannot.

So goes on life: I count it too.
Maybe one life, perhaps two.
And this living of mine
will grow out of you.